ShapeSleek Bodysuit Bodysuit With Booty Lifter
ShapeSleek Bodysuit Bodysuit With Booty Lifter
ShapeSleek Bodysuit Bodysuit With Booty Lifter
ShapeSleek Bodysuit Bodysuit With Booty Lifter
ShapeSleek Bodysuit Bodysuit With Booty Lifter
ShapeSleek Bodysuit Bodysuit With Booty Lifter

ShapeSleek Bodysuit Bodysuit With Booty Lifter

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$79.99 USD
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Why You'll Love It!

  • weight-loss_opt

    SleekFlex Compression Technology

  • butt_1_opt

    BBL Booty Lifting Design

  • breathable_opt

    All-Day Breathable Comfort

  • smooth_opt

    Buttery Smooth Material

  • belt_opt

    Fully Adjustable Shoulder & Bathroom Strap Design

  • mastopexy_opt

    Breast Lift & Support

  • stretch_opt

    Flexible Unrestricting Material


The ShapeSleek Bodysuit is crafted from a special blend of fabrics, ensuring a buttery-soft, skin-friendly material that feels like a second skin. Comfortably wear it all day as you confidently take on any challenge.

Care Instructions

To maintain the quality of your shapewear, we recommend hand washing it in cold water with mild detergent and laying it flat to dry, avoiding direct heat sources. 

DO NOT using bleach and do not iron or dry clean. Avoid fabric softeners.

Instant Transformation

Slip into your favorite outfit and marvel at the smooth, sleek silhouette the SleekFlex compression area creates, perfectly contouring your midsection and back. With ShapeSleek, embrace a new era of confidence and style, feeling empowered and radiant in every garment you wear.

Radiate Confidence

Transform your self-image with the ShapeSleek Bodysuit, enhancing your silhouette and boosting your self-esteem with every look in the mirror. Embrace a journey of self-love where confidence accompanies you and every reflection reminds you of your inherent beauty.

Dress Without Boundaries

Rediscover the joy of dressing up with the ShapeSleek Bodysuit, your secret to a flawless fit. Say goodbye to button struggles and unwanted bumps, and welcome back your favorite outfits with confidence. This style enhancer works seamlessly from casual tees to elegant gowns, ensuring you look effortlessly chic in any setting. Embrace the revolution of comfort and style with every wear.

What Makes ShapeSleek

The Most Revolutionary Shapewear

Targeted Shaping with FlexSleek Technology

Experience targeted shaping with FlexSleek Technology, which sculpts and smooths specific areas like the waist and back without discomfort, enhancing your natural curves for a beautifully balanced silhouette.

Innovative Fabric Technology

Experience unrestricted movement with the FlexSleek's premium blend of materials, designed to stretch and adapt to your every move. Its unique fabric maintains a second-skin feel that keeps you looking sleek and feeling agile throughout your day.

Embrace All-Day Comfort

Embrace unmatched comfort with the ShapeSleek Bodysuit, where breathable and buttery smooth materials converge to enhance your comfort without compromising style. Enjoy the freedom to go from your morning coffee to evening outings with ease and elegance.

Enhanced Posture Support

Beyond its shaping benefits, the FlexSleek offers gentle support to your lower back, encouraging better posture. This feature not only helps you appear taller and more confident but can also alleviate discomfort associated with poor posture, ensuring you feel as good as you look.

BBL Booty Lifting Design

Enhance your curves with the ShapeSleek Bodysuit’s booty-lifting design that beautifully shapes and supports, giving you a naturally perky and attractive butt like you just had a BBL.

Unmatched Breast Support & Lift

Experience exceptional support and lift with the ShapeSleek Bodysuit's no-compression breast area, designed to fit all cup sizes with adjustable straps for a flawless fit. Eliminate the need for a separate bra and enjoy comfort and style without the bulk, ensuring security and a smooth silhouette under any outfit.

Effortless Bathroom Breaks

The ShapeSleek Bodysuit features a customizable bathroom strap for easy adjustments and hassle-free bathroom breaks, ensuring your shapewear remains dry and hygienic. Enjoy peace of mind with a design that minimizes contact with bathroom bacteria, keeping you comfortable and clean throughout the day.

Designed To Fit You

Enjoy a perfect, customized fit with the ShapeSleek Bodysuit, featuring adjustable shoulder and bathroom straps tailored to fit your body type. Feel confident and comfortable, knowing it's designed just for you.